Monday, March 21, 2011


Well all, it has been quite some time.
Things to catch up on. (gt the title now. Ketchup, catch up)

Working in Midtown is amazing. All of last week I was in midtown for training, and man what I would give up to start working in such a nice area.
Pros for working in midtown
- The area isnt washington Heights
- The women are all super hot. Whats the deal with that?
- Get to meet up with friends I dont always see for lunch, and go to a bar during lunch to watch march madness.
- Central Park
- St Pattys Day Parade

- The subway ride, I really dont know how you all do that during rush hour. Its simply awful, why do I want to stand for 20 mins some guys in my face.
- Food is much more expensive
- St Pattys was a fast day

SO basically I would kill to work in midtown. Maybe just get my job to allow me to come in late so I wouldn't have to squish for rush hour on the train and everything would be perfect.

March Madness.
In case you live under a rock, the NCAA tournament is now going on. March Madness is probably the best time of year. No one works, they all pretend to and just watch the games. EVERYONE cares about who wins. Even your coworker whose a girl, who has never said a word to you and you think is the nerdiest person in the world will jump out of her chair at that buzzer beater. Its insane. And this year, the tourny has not ceased to amaze.
So far one of my 3 brackets along with many other have already been busted, with losses of PITT, ND, and Purdue the whole thing has been flipped upside down.
BUTLER again REALLY???????? wow.

Finally purim,
I know some of you took part with me in this last purim experience, but some of us
ie. myself are still trying to peace everytyhign back together.
I will post later this week with a recap of the amazing holiday and this years costume Dos and Donts.


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