Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Super Hero Time

It's a bird, It's a plane,  No It's the Nicest Guy You Know and hes back and better than ever.

With the newest Avengers Movie coming out last week and setting records for most money for an opening weekend I have been on a super hero fix lately.
Watching both captain America and Thor in order to prepare myself for the Avengers.
After watching both of these movies in 2 nights many feelings came to my mind.
First off the fact that Director and Producers had the foresight of adding all of those extra scenes and tying in the SHIELD into all the movies. Having the smallest references that I have only caught on my 2nd time around. For instance in THOR when he is going to retrieve the hammer and SHIELD sends someone to shoot him from above, the guy grabs a bow and arrow. This happens to be HAWKEYE from the new Avengers movie who is not privileged yet to have his own movie.
It actually brilliant how they did this all. But besides for that the feeling that you get inside whilw watching these movies make you feel like a little kid again. When the world is so big yet you feel like you can do anything you want. Watching Captain America I couldn't help but want to be him in every way, but then I watched thor the next night and would rather be him.
These films are just incredible.
In comparison we look at the latest few DC movies mainly Batman and Superman. These movies are great(well superman was OK) but the Batman movies have been great.
HOWEVER in no way in those movies did I wish I was them. In fact some ppl (Raab) wished they were the joker instead of Batman. This is something that I have noticed about the DC vs Marvel rivalry of late.
My vote is that lately the Marvel Characters have been portrayed as the people I would like to be.

Either way I am a big super hero fan and can't wait to watch the Avengers movie.

Let me know what your opinions are on this matter. and who your favorite super hero of late has been.


PS. hope everyone is ready for me to rock their worlds again this summer. the more controversial posts will be coming dont worry.

Monday, August 22, 2011

A New Man

Well folks, it has been waaaaaay to long.
Not sure where Ive been for the last month or so since my last post, but I guess its just a summer thing when times are changing. people moving, people getting married, people leaving jobs or getting new ones. Summer is definitely a time for change and experimenting. People go on vacations to all different places in the world. Europe, Asia and even Canada. I know it sounds crazy but I actually spent a week in the Vancouver area. It happens to be gorgeous and with a little experimenting of my own there, for those of you who haven't stalked me on facebook, I went bungee jumping. It was AMAZING. Some others tried new things when traveling alone in Asia or traveling with friends to Europe, or maybe even having to have emergency oral surgery in south America.
Summer is just a happy time usually for all, with tons of weddings left and right.
Yesterday I think I made the biggest step to becoming a new man. You can take from that whatever you may want, but truthfully this step was to buy myself a Baseball Glove.
Now this may sound crazy, How could this be the biggest moment of the summer??
well I haven't had a glove since I was in little league, probably more than 10 years ago. Although i don't play baseball often, this is obvious since i haven't had a glove, I think it is a staple in being a MAN.
When it comes down to it, if people are getting together for a catch, in a park or on the beach and you dont have a glove, you just feel like a loser. Even if you suck(which obviously I dont) you feel lame when your the guy asking to borrow a glove.
Secondly, although i dont have a son of my own(at least to my knowledge, there was that one ocean city girl) when it comes down to it, A man needs to have a glove so that he can teach his kids to play. Its just a staple of manhood.

It is for these reasons that I am now a happy man, with a great summer winding down.
I hope everyone else can look back at this summer and see that they accomplished soo many things that will make them a better person. If not you still have a little bit of time until labor day to make this the best summer yet. Go ahead, road trip to canada to bungee jump, tryout for american idol, or wtvr floats your boat(maybe even buy a boat).

Peace out

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Proud to be an American

Ladies and Gentleman I would like to just tell you about my amazing 4th of July weekend.
Obviously What happens upstate stays upstate but certain highlights can definitely be used to brag about how awesome the weekend was.
First off I want to thank Joey and yaakov for lending us their houses upstate to tear into pieces and have the sickest time in the world. (also thanks to the frucht family and uncle Dave)

For those of you followers that understood my post about the MTV Rivals Challenge, I put together a similar game for the weekend pairing up a guy and girl on each team.

Pts system as follows
1st place of each event 5
2nd place 3
Davening with a minyan 3
Davening without a minyan 1
Putting on tefillin Sunday morning 2 (1 pt bonus if they are your own)
Same sex hookups - guys -20
Same sex hookups - girls 20
First girl to fart in front of guy 5
2nd girl to fart in front of guy -5
Sleeping in the other sex's house 3
Vomiting from drinking -5
Crying -5
Making someone else cry 5
Pranking someone while sleeping 3
getting pranked while sleeping -3
Being the first person to go to sleep for the night -5
Last 2 people to go to sleep 5
Getting told by jared to watch your language 1
Being called out for FOMO -1
Getting yelled at by Joey for doing something bad in the house 1
Shomer Negiah High five(both people involved) 1

Now there is Definitely an argument as to who actually won but what matters is that this was a ton of fun.

Memorable highlights

hours of basketball on shabbat, Shuffleboard, sat night BBQ at Adiras where Jared broke everything, Mud sliding in the rain, water polo in the rain, sunday night(we can leave it at that), potato launching - at night, during the day, while drunk, shooting at targets - mini keg and me hitting the lamp on first try. Raab chugging pickle juice, the ass off, many many BBQs, late night kumzitz.

I think that gets most of it, and if you want more details about what actually went down odds are you arent getting them until the videos and pics hit the web.

Til next time we take over Four Star Estates and wage war on Vacation Village with potato launchers.

Peace out


Monday, June 20, 2011


For those of you that are cool enough out there, you would have heard of the Television channel MTV. Now we all know that this station used to actually have music on it, but no all it has is trash about little girls getting pregnant and snooki and her jersey shore crew.

However there is still one saving grace for the channel and that is

The Real World.

Some of you may also remember a show back in the day called Road Rules which was incredible. But the best ever and what this post is about, is the Real World and Road Rules Challenge,(now just called the Challenge).

Basically ex castmates from the TV shows are grouped together, live in a house with each other, obviously leading to crazy drunken parties and fights, and then compete against each other in competitions for Money. Each week players are eliminated until the final episode where the winners split the prize money of their team.

This year for the 1st time, Myself and 6 other friends have gotten together to have a fantasy Draft for the this years season. This season is called Rivals, where each team of 2 members are 2 people that have previous history hating each other and sometimes have eaten gotten into physical fights with each other.

Here are the Cast members and their partners

Adam King - Chris "C.T." Tamburello

Adam Royer - Leroy Garrett

Aneesa Ferreira - Robin Hibbard

Brandon Nelson - Ty Ruff

Camila Nakagawa - Theresa Gonzalez

Cara Maria Sorbello - Laurel Stucky

Davis Mallory - Tyrie Ballard

Evan Starkman - Nehemiah Clark

Evelyn Smith - Paula Meronek

Jasmine Reynaud - Jonna Mannion

Jenn Grijalva - Mandi Moyer

Johnny Devenanzio - Tyler Duckworth

Katelynn Cusanelli - Sarah Rice

Kenny Santucci - Wes Bergmann

Our Team captains for the draft


DJ Bickel






Here is how the scoring of our league will take place and I will then have the draft results.

The Challenge: Rivals - Scoring System

Win a Non-Elimination Challenge: +20 (Each member of the winning team)

Get Disqualified or Quit a Non-Elimination Challenge: -5

Win an Elimination Challenge: +10(Bonus of +2 for back-to-back elimination challenge wins.)Lose an Elimination Challenge: -10(Penalty of –2 if TJ questions your effort.)

First Men and Women Eliminated from The Challenge: -20

Win The Challenge: +100 (Each member of the winning team)(2nd Place: +50; If needed 3rd +25; 4th +10)

Physical Fight (Fists or Kicks): +25(Bonus: if kicked off the show no elimination penalty.)Wrestle: +5(If it becomes a fight the points stack)

Make Someone Cry: +5 (Cab be split. If 2 people make someone cry +2 each, if 3-5 each get +1. If 6 or more then no points.)

Make-out: +5(Bonus +5 if same sex.)

Hook-up: +10(Bonus +10 if same sex.)

Nudity: +5(Butt does not count.)

Get Bleeped: +1

Prank a Sleeping or Passed Out Person: +5

Cry: -5

Vomit: -5

Quit The Challenge: -50(If due to injury only -20)

Get Pranked As You Sleep or Passed Out: -5.

If one of your people is replaced on their team you get the replacement (along with any penalties associated with the original; person leaving).

The Draft Results

With the first pick ZShack took the one and only Wes, no big surprise here

followed by DJ taking his partner Kenny.

the Raabit then took a surprising third with Johnny Bananas letting Budders Grab Evan at the 4th spot.

The biggest surprise of the whole draft came next when JMG decided to take Leroy from this past seasons real World Las Vegas with her first pick. (I hope it pays off, but just know that it wont)

I was able to grab my personal favorite next with Jenn at pick #6 and Lippy rounded out the first round the biggest man to ever play the competition in CT. not sure ho he slipped all the way to you, makes no sense but great job.

In the 2nd round of the snake draft lippy grabbed top dog Laurel and I went with a lil curve ball with Paula.

The big sleepers I give credit to DJ Bickel for somehow managing to grab Evelyn with the 13th pick and then Cara maria with 16. you made out like a bandit.

Here are the final team results

Zshack - Wes, Sarah, Camila, Davis

DJ - Kenny, evelyn, Cara Maria, Robin

Raabit - Johnny, Aneesa, Adam R., Katelyn

Budders - Evan, Tyler, Mandi, Jonna

JMG! - Leroy, Ty, Theresa, Tyrie

C-Dog - Jenn, Paula, Nehemia, Adam K.

Lippy - CT, Laurel, Jasmine, Brandon

I hope even for those of you who dont understand what the hell this post was actually about you enjoyed reading it. And if you are interested, the season kicks off this Weds night at 10pm on MTV.

PS. RIP Ryan dunn of the TV show Jackass.


PPS DJ bickel you are my biggest fear in this competition, but my girls will take you down.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Who is a true Warrior????


Well as many of you know, or have heard myself and any of the other 11 people talking about over the last 3 months. On Sunday we took part in the 2011 Warrior Dash in PA.

If you have never heard of this, check out the website to get a real idea.

It started off as a friendly idea, hey lets get 12 of us together and split into 2 teams and see who wins. Then after an official draft, trash talking, and even some trades, and some last minute drop outs, the teams were finally set.

The 2 teams of 6 spent time training(or at least some of us) and plenty more trash talking.

Raabs team was labeled as the front runner after what seemed to be a horrendous draft by the other team captain Aaron.

Raab with 2 ex army soldiers(himself and Matt), 2 half marathon runners(penny and adira), myself(the best self proclaimed athlete to never play a ncaa sport) and joey.

Aaron had a very unproven team with himself over working out, Aviva the most over hyped female athlete, a Pilot, An undrafted free agent in Seattle Chana, Jared who was supposed to be studying for the LSATs and Sweet Caroline.

But then came the last minute change of adding the one and Only Uri Freaking Westrich, of the Maccabaeats fame in replace of the Pilot. Now they as well had an ex soldier who also enjoys running in his spare time. Not only that, but the night before, The man himself Mr. Joseph frucht decided to twist his ankle on a 5 hour hike in the rain. As well as the fact that Raab was going to be performing straight off a red eye flight from Israel.

Suddenly the tides had turned drastically and the supposed front runners were now possibly even becoming the Underdogs.

As we arrived and started to get ready, the teams were pumped and it really was any ones game. With the time getting closer we all prepared for the 3.5 mile obstacle course run.

But none of us could have been prepared for the amount of Mud that was about to follow.

The amount of rain over the last few days, mixed with the fact that we were one of the last shifts to run, led to an extremely muddy course.

After jumping out to an early lead, Joey and Matt quickly fell behind as Joey twisted his second ankle in the MUD before the first obstacle. This allowed Raab and I to set the pace for everyone else until the 2nd obstacle when Chana and Uri snuck ahead of us while in a dark tunnel where we couldnt even see them and ended up banging my knee into a rock trying to catch them. Well done, I must admit.

For the next big chunk of the race it stayed this way, through knee high mud, balance beams, jumping over walls and under barbed wire, going through rivers it seemed the order would stay the same in the front. Chana and Uri, Raab and I, and then Jared and Aaron. All 6 of us were very close.

THEN came the giant wall where we caught up to Uri and Chana, and even passed them just to have them go right by us again when raab had to slow down. Stupid being sick and just landing from Israel. The end was close with the 6 of us all fighting to be the first group to finish, but the line at the tunnels ended up sealing the deal in that order, even after the cargo net, tire run and jumping through fire and crawling in mud under barbed wire The final six finished in that order.

Then came the waiting game for the rest of the players. We had no idea where they were, but raabs team was already down 4-2. A few minutes later we see emerging through the mud pit, Aviva and Sweet caroline and my heart dropped as I realised what this meant. We had not only lost, but were destroyed, in fact embarrassed. The unproven had become proven.

After some more time( I wont say how long after) the stragglers came in, Matt then Penny, followed by Adira and finally the man with 2 messed up ankles Joey.

For pics of what we all looked like at this point please check out Adiras facebook photos. There will also be a highlight video to follow as soon as we have time to edit it so you can all really get a feeling of what this was.

To celebrate everyone is given a free beer and then their is a concert for all to enjoy as well as Giant Turkey legs to eat. There may never have been a time where I wanted to eat non kosher more than at that moment watching everyone eat those legs.mmmmmmm.

Anyway I hope you all got a good idea of what we all went through and are super jealous that you did not take part.

Congrats to Aaron and the Black Team (although We lost more than you guys beat us) you def did win fair and square, and you deserve to feel proud.


Friday, June 3, 2011

The beginning of summer

Well everyone the summer is officially here.
I will make sure to post all the incredible things that I will be doing to make everyone else jealous.

The first great summer adventure happened yesterday, when I went against all my rules and went jogging with other people. Aaron, Caroline and Myself decided to go running along the Hudson on the greenway.
Let me first say if you have never done this, YOU MUST. Its simply amazing. The view is incredible and when the weather is great, its as close to perfection as you can get in Manhattan.
After starting in the heights we had no goal in mind, just to get in shape for Warrior Dash. After realizing we had reached fairway, we were like hey wanna just see how far we can go and then just subway it back up.
Then on a crazier idea, we decided to go all the way to the UWS and go for dinner then head back on the subway. Thank god Aaron had his credit card in his shoe cuz otherwise we would have been helpless without any phones or money.
After reaching 90th street we went to Cafe Viva where we ran into some friends, and really just had an awesome day.

The feeling you get when doing such a great spontaneous run, and then spontaneous fun, is just pure bliss.

So for all those getting ready to have a fun summer just remember this key point.

Spontaneity is the key to fun. Just go for it and you will have a good time.

Looking forward to bragging about more fun things this Summer

Peace out

Also I destroyed Aaron at the end when we sprinted up the hill at 90th. Sorry but I had to go there.