Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Proud to be an American

Ladies and Gentleman I would like to just tell you about my amazing 4th of July weekend.
Obviously What happens upstate stays upstate but certain highlights can definitely be used to brag about how awesome the weekend was.
First off I want to thank Joey and yaakov for lending us their houses upstate to tear into pieces and have the sickest time in the world. (also thanks to the frucht family and uncle Dave)

For those of you followers that understood my post about the MTV Rivals Challenge, I put together a similar game for the weekend pairing up a guy and girl on each team.

Pts system as follows
1st place of each event 5
2nd place 3
Davening with a minyan 3
Davening without a minyan 1
Putting on tefillin Sunday morning 2 (1 pt bonus if they are your own)
Same sex hookups - guys -20
Same sex hookups - girls 20
First girl to fart in front of guy 5
2nd girl to fart in front of guy -5
Sleeping in the other sex's house 3
Vomiting from drinking -5
Crying -5
Making someone else cry 5
Pranking someone while sleeping 3
getting pranked while sleeping -3
Being the first person to go to sleep for the night -5
Last 2 people to go to sleep 5
Getting told by jared to watch your language 1
Being called out for FOMO -1
Getting yelled at by Joey for doing something bad in the house 1
Shomer Negiah High five(both people involved) 1

Now there is Definitely an argument as to who actually won but what matters is that this was a ton of fun.

Memorable highlights

hours of basketball on shabbat, Shuffleboard, sat night BBQ at Adiras where Jared broke everything, Mud sliding in the rain, water polo in the rain, sunday night(we can leave it at that), potato launching - at night, during the day, while drunk, shooting at targets - mini keg and me hitting the lamp on first try. Raab chugging pickle juice, the ass off, many many BBQs, late night kumzitz.

I think that gets most of it, and if you want more details about what actually went down odds are you arent getting them until the videos and pics hit the web.

Til next time we take over Four Star Estates and wage war on Vacation Village with potato launchers.

Peace out