Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Super Hero Time

It's a bird, It's a plane,  No It's the Nicest Guy You Know and hes back and better than ever.

With the newest Avengers Movie coming out last week and setting records for most money for an opening weekend I have been on a super hero fix lately.
Watching both captain America and Thor in order to prepare myself for the Avengers.
After watching both of these movies in 2 nights many feelings came to my mind.
First off the fact that Director and Producers had the foresight of adding all of those extra scenes and tying in the SHIELD into all the movies. Having the smallest references that I have only caught on my 2nd time around. For instance in THOR when he is going to retrieve the hammer and SHIELD sends someone to shoot him from above, the guy grabs a bow and arrow. This happens to be HAWKEYE from the new Avengers movie who is not privileged yet to have his own movie.
It actually brilliant how they did this all. But besides for that the feeling that you get inside whilw watching these movies make you feel like a little kid again. When the world is so big yet you feel like you can do anything you want. Watching Captain America I couldn't help but want to be him in every way, but then I watched thor the next night and would rather be him.
These films are just incredible.
In comparison we look at the latest few DC movies mainly Batman and Superman. These movies are great(well superman was OK) but the Batman movies have been great.
HOWEVER in no way in those movies did I wish I was them. In fact some ppl (Raab) wished they were the joker instead of Batman. This is something that I have noticed about the DC vs Marvel rivalry of late.
My vote is that lately the Marvel Characters have been portrayed as the people I would like to be.

Either way I am a big super hero fan and can't wait to watch the Avengers movie.

Let me know what your opinions are on this matter. and who your favorite super hero of late has been.


PS. hope everyone is ready for me to rock their worlds again this summer. the more controversial posts will be coming dont worry.