Monday, August 22, 2011

A New Man

Well folks, it has been waaaaaay to long.
Not sure where Ive been for the last month or so since my last post, but I guess its just a summer thing when times are changing. people moving, people getting married, people leaving jobs or getting new ones. Summer is definitely a time for change and experimenting. People go on vacations to all different places in the world. Europe, Asia and even Canada. I know it sounds crazy but I actually spent a week in the Vancouver area. It happens to be gorgeous and with a little experimenting of my own there, for those of you who haven't stalked me on facebook, I went bungee jumping. It was AMAZING. Some others tried new things when traveling alone in Asia or traveling with friends to Europe, or maybe even having to have emergency oral surgery in south America.
Summer is just a happy time usually for all, with tons of weddings left and right.
Yesterday I think I made the biggest step to becoming a new man. You can take from that whatever you may want, but truthfully this step was to buy myself a Baseball Glove.
Now this may sound crazy, How could this be the biggest moment of the summer??
well I haven't had a glove since I was in little league, probably more than 10 years ago. Although i don't play baseball often, this is obvious since i haven't had a glove, I think it is a staple in being a MAN.
When it comes down to it, if people are getting together for a catch, in a park or on the beach and you dont have a glove, you just feel like a loser. Even if you suck(which obviously I dont) you feel lame when your the guy asking to borrow a glove.
Secondly, although i dont have a son of my own(at least to my knowledge, there was that one ocean city girl) when it comes down to it, A man needs to have a glove so that he can teach his kids to play. Its just a staple of manhood.

It is for these reasons that I am now a happy man, with a great summer winding down.
I hope everyone else can look back at this summer and see that they accomplished soo many things that will make them a better person. If not you still have a little bit of time until labor day to make this the best summer yet. Go ahead, road trip to canada to bungee jump, tryout for american idol, or wtvr floats your boat(maybe even buy a boat).

Peace out