Tuesday, March 8, 2011


As you all know the holiday of Purim is coming up on us fast. I hope that everyone has their costumes picked out since shipping sometimes gets delayed. you can never be too cautious when it comes to Purim costumes. Some of us have past years standouts to live up to. Going all out can sometimes be a great thing and sometimes a risky move.

We are beginning to reach an interesting time in our lives with regards to dressing up. As a kid your parents always made sure you had something. Then in high school you kinda dressed up a lil, just enough to get the girl you have a crush on to notice you.

But then came College.
College was the costume standout for most of us. This is mainly because we all have way too much spare time on our hands so we spend it playing video games or thinking of costume ideas. Whether it was staying up all night creating a transformers costume out of cardboard, shaving half your head bald, running to salvation army to find the perfect color articles of clothing for the costume or even growing out your hair and facial hair to make the costume truly life like. As you can see in these pics I put in some good effort in my costumes over the past 5 years.

Once you graduate, all of this changes.
If you are in grad school, you dont have any time.
And if you are working you have to worry about looking professional in the workplace, so growing or cutting hair can get a bit tricky.

Now you have to chose, do I suck it up and just have a crappy costume. be the guy at he party, hey look at me im wearing a funny hat at the party isnt it the coolest costume ever. NOOOO
Do you be the guy that pulls out the same costume as last year, which was awesome, BUT cmon man you gotta put in some more effort, I say the rule is 3 years b4 u can repeat the costume. ( unless you are in a completely different group of friends) Point and case. My senior year in high school, year in yeshiva in Israel and first year at YU i did the same costume(the sumo suit) since the percentage of ppl who had seen it before was probably less than 5. We may now call this the 5% rule.

As you can see in this photo, my first year out of college I still went all out. I had what some people have told me one of the best costumes they have ever seen. Granted I have an unfair advantage of actually looking like the actor but still.
I say we must stand Strong, we cant just give in to the Real Life and not have time for costumes. It is a huge part of our lives to celebrate this holiday in full force. Great costumes and Drinking til
Odd deLow Yadah.
So my request is that everyone takes this next week and tries their hardest to get a great costume. And of course comes to our Purim party in our apartment to show them off. Either go out and spend the money on a full costume or be creative and make the correct outfit by going and getting clothing from different places and putting it all together. I dont need to stand here and lecture you anymore.
After you all see my costume this year you once again will see my dedication to this wonderful holiday.
In the words of Matt Schwartz "A Frelichin Purim"

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