Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Dos and Donts of Purim 2011

This years Purim was one to remember, mainly cuz a lot of us dont and need people to fill us in on the details.
I will run through the Dos and Donts of this years red carpet costumes and see whose risky ideas paid off in the end.

The DOs
Do build your own costume.

Even if it means painting over your old clothes Putting in the effort truly does show. (although my complaint. Matt u wreaked of paint)

DO dress up as movie characters

Tron costume great(although i would have liked to see the lighting on the pants as well)

DO dress up in group costumes if you are going to be with your partners in crime the entire time.

Do get sick from BIEBER FEVER, yes granted there was a bit too many of us, but is there ever really too much BIEBER

Do leave your significant others at home so you can go out and have an awesome time.

Now some DONTS

Dont dress up as black swan with the other 500 Jews doing so. Im sorry but easily the most overdone costume of Purim 2011.

Dont dress up as a sweet Transvestite from Transsexual
Granted the costume is simply amazing, nobody wants to see that.

Dont pass out too early in the party.

All in all I think everyone had an amazing Purim this year. Whether you were super drunk and then hungover, weirdly sober the whole time, or a perfect mixture of the 2.
Cant wait til next year!!!!!!!!!!!!
And for my Final thought I will say that my favorite costume of the evening although you wreaked of paint and really did get in the way a lot and it was real annoying, was the one and only Matityahu Scwartz. The army man was incredible, very creative.

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  1. i dont know, combo and yirmi were really good also. but i do agree, matt's costume was sweet!